Get the most out of your golf vacation

We live on a frozen prairie for almost 6 months of the year. So if you’re lucky enough to get away and go somewhere warmer, I’m going to bet that you want to take your golf clubs! Nothing beats playing golf in the wintertime. You play new courses in different areas of the world and get to enjoy the heat of the sun, instead of the cold of the snow. When you’re there, you want to get the most out of your golf game, so here are my 5 tips for the traveling golfer:

5. Get a good travel bag!

Gone are the days of the massive hard shell bag. Baggage people at the airports are pretty good these days and respect the bags they are putting on the airplane. However, don’t cheap out. Get a bag that has a good amount of padding on top where your club heads will be. For me, there is no product better than the Sun Mountain Club-Glider.

4. Scout out the golf course before you book!

Go online and do your research. You may only be playing a couple of rounds and you don’t want to walk onto an ugly golf course just because you found a good deal online. A lot of golf courses have hole-by-hole views of their course, so take a look! Plan out the golf courses you have in mind and then look for a good price on an online booking system, or even…call the course!

3. Take the right bag!

Chances are you’re renting a vehicle. If you’re on a golf trip with your buddies, don’t be the guy with the huge cart bag. Instead, travel with a smaller carry bag. Not only will it save space in the rental car, but chances are it will leave more room in your travel bag for your shoes and anything you might buy while you’re down there (they don’t weight your golf bag FYI)!

 2. Talk to the starters!

Most of the time, the starters love to talk to golfers new to the course. They are usually wearing a club logoed hat and hanging around waiting for someone to talk to. Want to know how to play the course a little bit, or where to go after your round for an adult beverage and lunch? Ask these guys! They love to talk and usually won’t lead you in the wrong direction.

1. Arrive early and use your time!

A lot of the time I find that people are used to their normal golf routine where they arrive 15 minutes before their tee time, check in at the golf shop, hit a couple of putts, and then close their eyes and swing, hoping the ball goes where they think it will go. Chances are you’re going to make bogey or worse on the first 3 holes – you’ll then warm up and start enjoying yourself.

Get to the golf course 45 minutes to an hour early, grab a coffee or a snack, go find the driving range and hit some shots. Hit some wedges, hit some irons, hit your driver, and then hit the “go-to” club in your bag. Make sure that trusty hybrid or 3 iron, or whatever club it is, works. Enjoy the range! After all, you’re in the sun, so soak it up!

Have fun playing golf on your vacation! There’s nothing better than playing a new course in a new city! If you take some pictures, show them off! Tell the world where you’ve played, so that when they plan their next trip, they have a good idea of where they can enjoy some winter golf!

If not them, I love to see where people have played! Send your pictures on any social media outlet you want, and tag me in them. I can’t wait to see where you played!