How to be like Dustin Johnson and BOMB IT!

The #1 golfer in the world has a unique golf swing that causes lots of debate. I was with a few golfers last night who were hitting balls and trying to figure out how they could get their hands in the position that Dustin Johnson gets his into. It’s awesome that his swing and talent are sparking such huge conversation in the golf world.

So if you’re going to try and emulate DJ, here’s what you need to know:

-You can play great golf with a shut clubface (the way DJ plays) but you need to know how to control the face.

– Take a look at the down swing in the sequence below, and notice how DJ turns his hips. By firing his hips he doesn’t need to use his wrists to change the clubface. If he doesn’t turn his hips, that clubface comes into impact WAY open, and he most likely hits the fairway 4 over to the right.

– Lots of golfers play golf with a shut club face, however if you were to watch the average player, you would notice that right before impact, they flip their hands like crazy in order to square the face up. That’s what creates the inconsistent swing that the usual shut face golfer has. If you want to make that move more consistent, TAKE THE WRISTS OUT OF IT, and let your hips do the work.

SO! Be just like the world’s #1 golfer, and turn those hips, I can 100% tell you that if you do that, you will bomb it like DJ, and have a super consistent golf swing.

Go out there and get after it! Bomb it! Turn your swing into athletic poetry like DJ.